How to find your lost self? Nationale Nederlanden celebrities in action

How to find your lost self? Nationale Nederlanden celebrities in action
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The insurance group combined advertising activities with an interesting action. Famous people remind us to remember about our needs and health in the daily rush.

When our family members and superiors add new challenges to the list of tasks, it is easy to fall into a whirl of ticking off successive points. And where are you in all this?

Each in his own way

People known from the Internet and television were involved in the action: Marcin Prokop, Daria Ładocha, Henryk Szost and Aleksandra Radomska, the author of the Mam Wątpliwość web page. What are their proven recipes for time alone?

TV presenter, Marcin Prokop, reveals that his main weapon is a sense of humor, which protects him from difficult emotions, helps to relieve stress, and also has a real impact on the whole body

Daria Ładocha, a fan of healthy eating, bet on physical activity, thanks to which she will have more energy for herself, but also for her two daughters who constantly demand the attention of their busy mom

Bieganie w terenie
(Photo: Brian Erickson, source:

Sport is also recommended by Henryk Szost, which is an almost obvious choice for a marathoner. The runner recommends especially cross-country running, during which – apart from the training itself – we can also admire nature around us. The Olympian also points out that Krakow was not built in an instant: a daily walk will also bring a lot of good to our lives.

Aleksandra Radomska decided to share her thoughts in a typical for her way, through her fanpage, in the form of a candid video:

The Great Health Test

On the page dedicated to the challenge you can also find a health test, which participants of the action recommend to start their activities. Thanks to it you can see in which aspects you should take care of yourself the most. An additional treat is the fact that for completing the test everyone receives a 2-month access to the Nutrition Portal. The website contains tips on rational nutrition and physical activity. The advice also takes into account the special needs of some users, such as diabetes or hypertension

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