December training for managers

December training for managers
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Wondering how to manage your time? Do you want to improve your efficiency? Or maybe you want to take care of your work-life balance? Check out our training schedule for December!

Trainings for managers

Several interesting proposals have been prepared by Training and Information Center Effect. They will be useful mainly for people in managerial positions, however, the potentially acquired skills can also be used in other areas

  • Promotion to the boss – manager’s toolbox

All about leadership competences, building authority and communication with a team. It covers not only managerial issues, but also those concerning emotional intelligence and necessary soft skills

Where to find it Online training.
The cost? 590 PLN gross.

Two dates are available: 17.12.2020 and 11.02.2021 Start at 9:00 a.m

  • Remote working, telecommuting, “home working”. How to optimally and legally organize remote work?
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The training will take on board the issue of organization of remote work to be in line with the law (especially in view of the parliamentary amendment of July). We will also discuss the protection of business secrets in the era of working from home or, for example, disciplining an employee in a “remote” form.

Where? Online training.
Cost? 450 PLN gross.

There are two dates available: 18.12.2020 and 29.01.2021 Start at 9:00 a.m.

  • Master feedback – how to effectively give feedback to an employee?

Training for those who would like to improve communication with employees and learn how to effectively support, motivate and appreciate them, but also how to correct mistakes and encourage them to work on themselves. Particularly useful for those who are often responsible for the slightly more difficult corporate conversations

Where to find it Online training.
Cost? 550 PLN gross.

Two dates are available: 18.12.2020 and 17.02.2021 Start at 9:00 am.

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