Concentrating Children and Youth. Live online workshop!

Concentrating Children and Youth. Live online workshop!
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On February 25th a 5-hour online live workshop will take place, during which participants will learn how to use elements of mindfulness training when working with the younger generation. The training will be led by Fryk Ołtarzewski – an educator and sociotherapist with over 20 years of experience, who works with The Mind Institute.

The training will be held online, so access to it is basically unlimited. Thanks to the live formula, you can ask questions to the speaker in real time.

Lost youth

Nastoletnia dziewczyna z książką
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The organizers emphasize that helping the youth has become especially important in the time of the pandemic, which has wrought a series of great and sudden changes. As a result, children have to cope with stress, anxiety and isolation from their peers.

Workshop plan

In the workshop plan a lot of attention was paid to practice, that is discussing specific methods and solutions, which can be used not only in the work of an educator or therapist, but also acting as a parent. They will help, among others, to mitigate aggression, support children’s concentration and teach them how to cope with strong emotions.

The whole is divided into 4 segments:

  • introduction to mindfulness trainings,
  • practical aspects of training,
  • case studies and examples of achieved effects,
  • adult mindfulness in relations with the youngest.

Each workshop participant will receive a certificate, as well as a sample mindfulness training for children and suggestions for games based on the idea of mindfulness training.

Thecost of the training is PLN 699 net.
until 24th January the lower price of 499 PLN net applies.

More details can be found on the website of the Centre of Competence.

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