Why Advertising in Poland is on the Rise

Why Advertising in Poland is on the Rise
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If you’re looking to advertise your product or business, but you’re not sure where to go, it’s important to know that advertising in Poland can help you reach your intended audience. In Poland, in particular, ads are broadcast on television, radio, outdoor advertisements, and various other media sources in ways that help you gain exposure among your target market. Here are just a few reasons why an advertising agency in Poland may be right for your company or organization.

Increasing demand for Polish products

Poland’s economy and standard of living have been steadily increasing for over 20 years. The Polish government also works to ensure that its workforce is more skilled and educated. As a result, the demand for Polish products, such as food and textiles, has grown significantly.  Brands are expanding their markets in order to capitalize on this growth, and advertising campaigns can help them do so.

The rise of e-commerce in Poland

Poland’s e-commerce market is booming, with a more than 50% increase from last year. The country’s online retail industry has gone from €2.8 billion to €4.5 billion over the past five years, according to an infographic released by e-commerce.  Poland has a young and technologically savvy population that spends more time browsing social media sites than watching TV or going outside. 

The growth of the Polish economy

The Polish economy has been steadily growing since 1992 and it’s expected to continue to do so. Poland’s GDP increased from $102 billion in 1990 to $507 billion in 2014, making it one of the world’s 20 largest economies. This strong economic growth has caused demand for advertising services to rise with companies looking for ways to market their products and attract new customers. The Polish advertising industry is expected to grow by about 10% annually, adding up to a total expenditure of roughly 1.5 billion EUR by 2020.

The expansion of the Polish market

The Polish advertising market has been growing steadily, mainly due to a digital transformation. In 2016, it was worth $2.3 billion and was expected to grow by 6% annually until 2020. Mobile advertising constitutes half of the digital spending and continues to grow at a rapid pace. The Polish ad market has become more technologically advanced as a result of this shift, which has led to increased investment by both local and international advertisers.

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