Self-esteem, or what is self-respect?

Self-esteem, or what is self-respect?
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People often talk about respecting parents, the elderly, but what about self-respect? Do we really forget to respect ourselves?

One of the fundamental aspects of our psychology is self-esteem, self-esteem and how much we like ourselves.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is nothing more than a sense of self-worth and personality. It is confidence in oneself, and acceptance of oneself as one is. Self-esteem is also taking care of your needs, as well as your emotional, mental and physical development. This includes the willingness to take on all sorts of challenges and to challenge ourselves, which in turn allows us to develop. Self-esteem is the first step in building healthy relationships not only with ourselves, but also with those around us.

An increasing percentage of people exhibit problems with self-acceptance that are related to appearance, work, or life choices. A person who lacks self-respect is characterized by low self-esteem, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence. Lack of self-respect has a real negative impact on daily life.

How do I know when I respect myself?

The list of behaviors that indicate whether or not we respect ourselves is very long and unspecified. So how do I know if I respect myself?

  • I make my own choices;
  • I can exercise my rights;
  • I am not ashamed to talk about my dreams;
  • I make changes where appropriate;
  • I speak out about my beliefs and opinions;
  • I manage my time so that I have it to pursue my dreams, rest and relax;
  • I object wherever I think it is appropriate;
  • I judge my own actions and am able to draw conclusions.

So how to love yourself?

Let’s start with the fact that no one is perfect. Everyone has their faults and habits. So striving to be perfect is just a waste of energy and time. If we focus on that, we will never achieve success and happiness. So you should accept yourself and treat every stumble as an opportunity to change, not as a failure. Deciding and making choices for yourself is the next step to loving yourself. You can begin to overcome your fears and tensions in small steps. Then the hardest step awaits you, which is taking responsibility for your life. Let’s not look for excuses in others that we are unable to change our lives because of them. Excuses and limitations are blocks that we put in our own lives. Often stepping outside of your comfort zone and saying a resounding “no” to things that hurt and limit you is the first step to achieving success and learning self-respect. Yes, self-esteem can be learned. All you have to do is constantly practice your assertiveness.

When we respect ourselves we become stronger and know that we can handle any situation. Toxic relationships and friendships destroy self-respect in us. We get stuck in them unnecessarily and thus block ourselves. Self-respect is understanding that it is not the partner who harms us, but we allow ourselves to be harmed. Those who respect themselves will not allow this to happen. Lack of self-respect makes it difficult to build a strong and healthy relationship and find a job. It makes such a person more vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation by others.

Exaggerated focus on oneself causes various, unfortunately negative thoughts to pop up in one’s head. We take every criticism hard, we look for the second, hidden day in someone’s gestures or facial expressions. This is not what is most important. There are people around us who may need our helping hand. Helping them will help us feel needed and not overly focused on our own person.

Self-acceptance is the key to self-confidence. Sticking to the values we hold and following them is another important aspect of self-esteem. Breaking rules and misappropriating values just to achieve a goal or gain someone’s affection lowers our sense of self-respect. Take 3 breaths and think about what is important to you in life and what values you want to live by and whether you will be able to follow them. If we can respect others, we are able to learn self-respect as well.

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