How do you log off Instagram and stop comparing yourself to others?

How do you log off Instagram and stop comparing yourself to others?
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Real life is not a fairy tale, although browsing through the Instagram profiles of some influencers we can get the impression that only our lives are not perfect. Beautiful girls with perfect bodies, lying on big beds in expensive hotel rooms, are the daily bread on Instagram. How not to go crazy in the world of idealized vision of everyday life?

Mornings with full makeup in rose petals

Everyone has run into this absurd sight at least once in his life: a young girl in full makeup and freshly styled hair lies in an unnatural position, elongating her already slim legs. Rose petals are scattered around the girl, and a tray with a truly “instagram” breakfast and a glass of prosecco lies next to her. Underneath the caption: I love mornings like this, especially with my new perfume costing two of your salaries. I hope your morning is also as pleasant as mine. Have a great day!

Dziewczyna robiąca sobie selfie
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Seeing a picture like this , after all, we know that it’s not true. That the photo is a set session and the meal is the work of culinary stylists. And yet a desire arises in our minds to wake up at least once in such a scenery. Despite the awareness that this is unrealistic in natural conditions, subconsciously we will strive for an unattainable and absurd ideal. With such demands on ourselves, we will not be fully happy. That’s why it’s good to take a break from Instagram from time to time and focus on our perfectly non-ideal everyday life

Fortunately, among famous people, more and more are able to show their natural face. The reigning illusion on Instagram destroys on her profile, among others, Malgorzata Foremniak, often showing up without makeup, in a chaotic hairstyle and a comfortable tracksuit.

Why is a break from social media necessary?

Spending hours browsing Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, we feed ourselves with idealized images of reality. Seeing hundreds of such pictures a day, we eventually start to doubt whether our everyday life really looks normal. We often don’t take into account that the accessories, flowers and perfectly clean desk are arranged only for the photo

Instagramowy kadr
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We disregard the fact that no one in real life wears a jacket and stilettos to work at home. Seeing a photo like this makes us feel bad for wearing pajamas with a laptop on our laps, even though our version of home office is much more common. The break from social media is a return to reality. Ordinariness becomes the norm for us again, and the demands on our again return to reality.

When should you take a break from social media?

The signal that it’s time to take a break from Instagram is when our lives start to seem inadequate to us. If you’re getting frustrated by not living up to your exorbitant expectations, it’s a sign that it’s time to go offline. If you’re starting to have complexes caused by looking at heavily retouched photos, it’s also high time to log off social media

Dziewczyna pozująca przy luksusowym aucie
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The lives presented on influencer profiles are just out of context, often pre-planned moments. Photos are arranged, retouched and carefully selected to create the illusion of a perfect world. Remember, a body you feel good in is enough, and an everyday life you feel good in is enough too.

The sickly need to be up to date

Selfie stick
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Also worth mentioning is FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. It is a phenomenon observed in recent years in people who use social media. The fear of missing out on important information accompanies many young people. It negatively affects the amount and quality of sleep, raises stress levels and makes us panic about going offline

Smartphone addiction is a sign of our times. Unfortunately, it affects our mental health in a very negative way. Seeing beautiful and rich influencers lying under palm trees on their third vacation of the year every day drives us into a sense of hopelessness and inadequacy. However, we shouldn’t forget that real life happens beyond the phone screen

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