Just Dance! 10 benefits of dancing

Just Dance! 10 benefits of dancing
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Dancing is an inconspicuous activity that positively affects our health. Why is it worth introducing dancing into your life today?

Dancing is moving to the rhythm of music. Elements of dance can already be seen in behaviour of small children, who dance when they hear a pleasant melody. Since this is such a primal behavior, it can’t be difficult. What are the benefits of dancing and why should you not shy away from it?

Types of dancing

The advantage of dancing is undoubtedly the combination of several elements: listening to your favorite music, moving to its rhythm and burning a lot of calories. Let’s concentrate on the first two advantages mentioned. The most important thing about dancing is to have fun. Therefore it is worth choosing a kind of dance in such a way so as to derive as much pleasure from it as possible.

  • Ballroom dance – this category includes such dances as cha-cha, rumba, tango and many others. Basically, it is dancing in a couple. We learn the basic steps and figures, which can be used on such occasions as a wedding;
  • Contemporary dance – based on independent expression, with a slightly theatrical character. To a large extent, it allows you to convey deep emotions and feelings. Danced to jazz, classical music, calm pop;
  • Breakdance – danced to hip-hop and rap music. Demanding and energetic. It is based on many tricks and gymnastic figures;
  • Pole dancing – becoming more and more popular due to its acrobatic character, muscle strengthening and stretching. We can choose our favorite music to it;
  • Belly dance – danced to oriental music and in a special sling. Allows you to express yourself. It combines elements of dance and learning about another culture;
  • Irish d ances – very lively and dynamic. Dancing to traditional Irish music.

Every culture is connected with dance. This allows you to find the type of dance that suits your musical preferences and interests. Other types of dance exercise include aerobics, zumba and water fitness

10 benefits of dancing

1.Movement – dance is movement, and movement is health. We gain an improvement in fitness, the efficiency of the body, and thus improve immunity. Dancing burns a lot of calories, thanks to which we can maintain a great figure, and even lose some extra kilograms.

2.Endorphins – the hormones of happiness. During each physical activity, the production of endorphins increases. Thanks to that the mood improves, the will to live increases and energy is released. Dancing prevents depression.

3.Opportunity to meet someone – dance courses are a great place to meet new people. It is not only ballroom dancing that fosters closeness. Even individual dances can bring people together. After all, it is a shared passion.

4.Time well spent – thanks to a combination of several factors: being surrounded by interesting people, listening to pleasant music, and movement

5.Building self-esteem – dancing boostsself-confidence. It also simply makes us happy. Feeling that we can realize ourselves in something that gives us fun, we strengthen our self-esteem.

6.Improving appearance – on one hand we burn extra calories. On the other hand, our silhouette changes through muscle strengthening and upright posture.

7.Increased coordination – dancing helps to improve body coordination. Movements become more confident. As a result, we avoid the risk of injury in everyday activities.

8.Adding energy – on the one hand, it would seem that energy is consumed by intense movement. However, the body is constructed in such a way that the more we move, the more energy we have later on.

9.Improving the work of the heart – and the entire circulatory system. The heart works more intensively when dancing. This improves its work, makes arteries more flexible, regulates blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.

10.Improved breat hing – intense movement causes the acceleration of breathing. This makes the lungs work better, and more oxygen is released into the body – into the cells.

It doesn’t matter whether we approach dancing professionally and sign up for a course or simply turn on the music and let our emotions carry us away. The most important thing is that dancing gives us joy and doesn’t make us uncomfortable. It’s worth releasing your energy and allowing yourself to be spontaneous. Such a dance – straight from inside ourselves – will surely put us in a good mood!

Main article photo: Photo by Andre Furtado / Unsplash

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