5 types of interpersonal relationships. Do you know them all?

5 types of interpersonal relationships. Do you know them all?
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Relationships are an indispensable part of our lives. Nature is hard to cheat: man is a pack animal and needs others to develop properly. Throughout our lives we build different types of relationships, each of which is characterized by something different. Their type depends not only on who we build them with, but also on who we are

Relationships can be divided up on the basis of many factors – for example the degree of involvement of both parties, the purpose for which they enter into the relationship, and finally the relationship that connects them or not. The topic is much broader than the volume of a single article, but we decided to present those that subjectively seemed to us the most interesting. Check which of them speak about you!

A relationship of many interactions

In some relationships interaction is kept to a minimum, while in others it is an indispensable part of everyday life. It is obvious that we interact more with our partner, with whom we share an apartment, than with a shop assistant, with whom – if the winds are right – we can sometimes exchange a few polite sentences

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Relationships of many interactions, however, are not simply those in which we speak more. At the same time, they are more diverse because they touch many spheres of life. When we share everyday life with someone, we bring up many topics (such as parenting or finances) that are not mentioned in cultural “small talk.” In this way, we engage many more elements of our personality. It is worth adding that relationships of many interactions are most often also lasting relationships.

Instrumental relationship

The name may not sound very nice, although such a relationship does not have to mean bad intentions! We call instrumental relationships any relationship that has a specific purpose to fulfill

Of course, in the emotional life we should avoid it like hell, but already, for example, in the relationship with the lady from the office or the promoter at the university it is not only understandable, but even natural. In this case the arrangement is clear: both parties realize that they have specific duties to fulfill, in which they can help each other without entering the fields of emotion. After all, it’s probably hard to imagine a promoter who gets offended at a mentee for not asking him about his vacation with his wife, right?

Virtual relation

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This is definitely a sign of our times. A dozen or so years ago such relationships did not exist, but today they are very common. No wonder – global access to the Internet has given us opportunities to make contact with people we would not have a chance to meet on the street or at work. On the one hand this is a great thing, but on the other hand it has some disadvantages.

Such a relationship is necessarily a bit “faded”. Of course, we can stay in virtual contact with a person who understands us very well and devotes his time to us. However, there are moments when we need real support here and now. A visible shoulder to lean on or a helping hand to go to the pharmacy when we are sick. In those moments, we may feel frustrated that we can’t offer such help or demand it. However, all of this absolutely does not mean that such relationships are worthless!

Long distance relationship

This is a very similar type of relationship to a virtual relationship and carries almost identical downsides. The difference is that in a long distance relationship, at various intervals, both parties have the opportunity to see each other and spend time with each other in person

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Long distance relationships, especially relationships, still stir up a lot of emotions. Some will say that they have no sense and sooner or later they will simply die a natural death. Others, on the other hand, will say that if the feeling is real, the relationship will also go through the biggest obstacles.

And how is it really? There is no single golden rule. The most important thing is that both parties feel comfortable in such an arrangement. As long as this is the case, there is no need to delete such a relationship. What is more, it is worth working on it intensively

Power couple” relationship

This is probably my favorite type of relationship! Not only because of the energetic name, but also because of what it refers to. What it’s about

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This term is used to describe a healthy relationship where two people (usually a couple, but not necessarily) inspire and motivate each other. It’s a perfect duo, who are not afraid of any problem or task. Their skills complement each other, making them an almost unbeatable team. Such a relationship can also be created, for example, by business partners who understand each other perfectly.

Do you have your own “power” companion?

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