Can decision making be taught? Check out this training!

Can decision making be taught? Check out this training!
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Making decisions is part of our lives. However, many people are afraid of change and the consequences that come with it. Some people’s temperament, disposition or nature makes it difficult to make a choice. If you belong to this group, be sure to pay attention to this training.

“Decision Making – The Art of Good Choice. Effective training of decision making” is a training that will be held already on 21.12.20. Participation is possible in stationary form (Łódź) or online. If the date does not suit you, do not despair. The next editions of the training are scheduled for 4 January, 1 February and 2 March 2021.

What does the training program look like?

The training is divided into five segments. The first one deals with the classical approach to decision making. Intuitive, uninformed and rational concepts will be presented. Individual types of decisions will also be discussed and the most common errors in their making will be pointed out.

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The second part emphasizes making rational choices. You will see how to define a problem and look for discrepancies between the actual and the desired state. In addition, you will learn how to evaluate each solution, taking into account specific criteria.

In the next stages, you will of course learn about the SMART technique and the decision tree, as well as the SWOT analysis. Finally, you will discover your preferred decision-making style. This skill will come in handy both in your personal and professional life.

The training will take the form of a two-day workshop. Its cost is 1300 PLN. The price already includes a certificate, coffee breaks and all necessary training materials. Now all that is left for you… decide to take part in it!

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