Develop yourself and regain your balance. Development training in July

Develop yourself and regain your balance. Development training in July
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Summer personal development. What continuations has the Euphonia Institute for Personal Development prepared for the summer? What is worth taking advantage of?

The Euphonia Institute for Personal Development offers three continuations in July. The program includes two meetings in Wroclaw and one in Gajowka on Pogórze Izerskie. It is worth considering an investment in yourself when planning this year’s vacation.

Personal development, simply put, is the effort to discover your potential and then maximize it in everyday life. Personal development is a process, a path. If you want to work on it properly – you have to make an effort every day. Workshops, trainings and courses allow you to intensify your efforts. In addition, everything takes place under the watchful eye of a professional who will advise and help you take the right direction.

Institute for Personal Development Euphonia

Euphonia is a place where you can take care of your personal development. With the help of the Institute you can improve the quality of your life and effectively learn and develop your competencies. The offer of the Euphonia Institute for Personal Development includes: mentoring, a year-long personal development course, personal development workshops and trainings for emotional release.

The workshops will be led by Jolanta Toporowicz, MA, a certified EAP psychotherapist. She is a therapist with years of experience and creator of original development methods. The results of her work include, among others, the map of consciousness levels MpaJa, or the program Trust Yourself. Jolanta Toporowicz is not only the owner of the Institute, but also the author of the book entitled “(Un)usual me”. “(Not) the Ordinary Self”.

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A strong start to July – advanced training

The month of July will begin with advanced training. The two-day workshop is scheduled for July 3 and 4, 2021. , is dedicated to people who have passed the annual course of personal development for advanced. The title of the meeting is: Understanding, Empathy, Compassion, Sympathy. Experiencing different levels of consciousness. The meeting will be held in the capital of Lower Silesia and will take the form of a lecture, exercises and discussion.

Weekend meetings for advanced participants are an opportunity to practice the knowledge gained in practice. Two days spent in the city center, but in a quiet place and surrounded by professionals who will help us intensify our efforts of inner change. The meeting is an opportunity to combine work on the mind with work on the body.

Four-day retreat meeting

Transcending the level of consciousness. Changing the paradigm. Releasing entanglements. This is the title of the weekend away workshop planned for 22-25.07.2021. Meeting will take place in Gajowka on the picturesque Izerskie Plateau. It will be an opportunity to put into practice and practice theoretical knowledge gained during the advanced course “Trust Yourself”.

During the trip there will be lectures, exercises, workshops, and discussions. Meditation exercises are also planned. The beautiful scenery, natural surroundings and the atmosphere of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city will be an excellent opportunity to deepen the work on oneself.

Szkolenie rozwojowe w grupie
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End of July

Releasing emotions and beliefs, changing the paradigm, crossing the level of consciousness is the course planned for the end of the month. The meeting will take place at the GRAPE hotel in Wroclaw on 30.07-01.08.2021. This is another meeting only for participants of the annual advanced personal development course. An opportunity to meet and summarize the effects of work.

Trainings with Euphonia

The training offer of the Institute of Personal Development Euphonia is very rich. Beginners will find something for themselves starting in August. We have planned an off-site training Transcending the Levels of Consciousness. With the arrival of September will begin courses in the series “Trust Yourself”, which will allow us in the summer of 2022 to take advantage of the proposal for advanced. It is worth keeping an eye on the Institute’s website in anticipation of training news.

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