15 minutes a day for personal development

15 minutes a day for personal development
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Personal development is a very important part of being successful and fulfilled. Continuous development allows you to grow and often find your own way of life. However, we live in a constant state of flux, so how do we find time for self-improvement and development? We suggest how to take 15 minutes every day to not stand still and to grow

Read an inspiring ebook or book

Take a few minutes a day to read at least a few pages of an ebook or book that has been sitting on your shelf for months. On the other hand, if you are looking for an interesting book to read, use a catalog or a ranking of books grouped thematically. You can find them for example on Lubimyczytac.pl

Listen to a podcast

Inspiring podcasts can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Player Fm or CastBox. Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular form of learning. The podcast format allows you to listen to it while doing many everyday activities – while preparing a meal, while cleaning, or in the bath. Use the database of podcasts available e.g. on TOK FM website. You will find here the most valuable Polish materials divided thematically.

Learn a foreign language through an application

Download an application to your smartphone to learn a foreign language. There are many such applications. Choose the language you want to learn and learn for example one new word a day

Applications such as Fiszkoteka are also an interesting option. Use sight, hearing and touch to memorize phrases in a more friendly and easier way

Read at least one industry news item

Are you interested in influencer marketing or maybe carving? Sit back with a cup of coffee and read one piece of industry information every day that interests and inspires you. It can be an interview, a column or simply industry news. This ensures that you stay up to date with what the industry is living.

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Find a course or training that will help you grow

You’ll find plenty of courses or training online on the topics you’re interested in – both paid and free. Schedule one class each day and learn how to manage a team, create effective online campaigns, or entrepreneurship, for example.

Watch a video on YouTube

You can find everything on YouTube. You will learn how to make Christmas decorations yourself, how to bake a cake or sew a t-shirt yourself. On the platform you will also find inspiring interviews, photo essays, scientific materials. A quarter of an hour is certainly enough to see valuable material. Also create a playlist of your favorite songs and listen before going to bed.

Read an article in a foreign language

Do you want to brush up on your foreign language skills? Are you not assertive in solving grammar exercises or in learning one vocabulary word every day? Read an article in the language you want to learn or watch the news. This way your brain becomes accustomed to the language and vocabulary and you are able to remember more.

Do something new

Being interested in a new topic develops your mind and stimulates creativity. Create your check-list of things you want to learn and successively tick them off. This way you will practice your persistence and self-discipline. By taking small steps, you will gain a new skill and therefore satisfaction.

Personal development is a very important aspect of our lives. Thanks to it grows our self-esteem and confidence, so it is worth devoting at least 15 minutes a day to it.

Invest in your personal development. Focus on what makes you happy. And remember – it is never too late to invest in your development. You are a lifelong learner and every small change can lead to big changes in your life.

source of the main photo: pexels.com

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