10 benefits that dancing can give you

10 benefits that dancing can give you
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Dancing has been with man almost since the beginning of civilization, it is something absolutely innate and natural for us. Even the biggest phlegmatics can get carried away by the rhythm of their favourite tunes. It is not only fun, but above all, an irreplaceable way to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

Dancing, the most versatile training for the mind and body

Dance, a form of activity balancing on the edge of entertainment, art and training, has been conquering the hearts of millions of people for decades, but nowadays, we can observe a real dance boom. It is all a result of mixing various cultures, trends and exceeding common patterns. Salsa, swing, hip-hop, jazz, tango, belly dance, ballet, freedance… Dance does not have to be associated only with “Dancing with the Stars”. More and more coaches and promoters of this activity emphasize that what is important is moving in rhythm and trusting our body. Whether we want to lose weight, improve our mood, keep our muscles flexible or our minds sharp, dancing can be the answer to almost anything.

1. A building block for strength and overall health

Dancing is a form of exercise, so it will naturally help strengthen your bones, joints and muscles. When we get motivated to start a dance adventure, our strength will increase, so we’ll have more energy to keep training. It’s a self-perpetuating mechanism!

2. Memory improvement

Dancing not only adds grace, but also helps the brain age gracefully. According to research, it can improve memory and prevent the development of dementia by reversing changes in the hippocampus.

3. Improve flexibility

Dance training is also a way to make your body more flexible and less stiff. In dance, we often use muscle parts that are somewhat stagnant in everyday life. In movement, we help them regain their efficiency.

4. Stress reduction

If we often feel tense or stressed, we can certainly find solace and release from negative emotions through dancing. In a controlled study published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, researchers found that partner dancing visibly reduces stress.

5. Reducing symptoms of depression

According to a study that tested people with depression, dancing really lifts your spirits. When facing the hardships of this serious illness, it’s worth picking up the gauntlet and getting your body moving.

6. Strengthening the heart

Dancing is a great activity for people at risk of cardiovascular disease. People with heart failure who started working out significantly improved their heart condition, breathing quality and quality of life compared to those who chose to bike or walk on a treadmill.

7. A slimmer silhouette

If you’re bored with classic forms of exercise such as running or cycling, you might want to turn to dancing. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that it is as helpful in weight loss as they are.

8. Stable posture

Learning to dance involves shaping the deep muscles that are responsible for maintaining proper posture, so it’s great for people who want to improve their balance.

9. Confidence and new contacts

Dance classes are the perfect place to make new friends and grow socially. Being involved in a dance group leads to feelings of happiness, reduced stress and a stronger immune system.

10. Coordination

When we perform dance routines or figures, we actually put our minds to the hard task of coordinating multiple complex activities simultaneously. Through regular exercise, we strengthen the connections between the hemispheres in the brain and make it more agile.

Main photo: Aditya Ali/unsplash.com

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