What do you need in order to thrive?

What do you need in order to thrive?
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Continuous development is an essential element for success and fulfillment. It’s simple: whoever doesn’t develop will end up regressing. This statement applies not only to professional life, but also to private life. What is necessary to be able to develop?

johan Maxell’s 15 laws of development

There is potential in every person, but without the right work, it will most likely be wasted and the person themselves will stagnate.

John C. Maxell is an American coach and personal development trainer, speaker and author of several bestsellers about success. He pointed out 15 laws of personal development of every person, which will help you to motivate yourself and discover new layers of possibilities in yourself

Personal development is the only way to realize a person’s full potential

Jonh C. Maxwell

1. The law of conscious development

In stating that “development does not occur by itself (…)” John C. Maxwell is right. When compulsory education ends, further development depends only on a person’s desire. Anyone who wants to be better must work on himself, and self-improvement is the responsibility of anyone who wants to succeed.

2. The law of self-denial

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In order to grow, you need to know yourself, understand where you are going and what your personal goal is. What do you want your life to look like? What do you care about? In order to pursue yourself, you must first identify your goals and then approach them with persistence

3. The Law of the Mirror

“To increase your self-worth, you must value yourself” – there is no denying that a negative self-image hinders growth. It is important to set ambitious goals that will challenge yourself at the same time. If yours are limited only to what you can easily achieve, it means that you have set the bar too low for yourself. However, be careful not to overdo it in the other direction. As always, you will need to find the golden mean. Or at least a silver one

4. The law of reflection

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Taking a moment to relax often feels unproductive to us, but it’s a great opportunity to calmly assess whether the actions we’re taking are effective

A short relaxation is also a great opportunity to see new opportunities and clear your mind

5. The right to consistency

A vision of a bright future can motivate you to take action, but it is usually only effective in the short term. To thrive, in addition to the right motivation, you need self-discipline in your daily actions

6. The law of the environment

“Intense development requires a favorable environment.” This statement by Maxwell accurately shows that who and what we surround ourselves with has a huge impact on us

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However, it is also up to ourselves to move forward and change our environment if the current one is not affecting us very favorably

7. The law of design

Planning should always precede action. It is a good idea to set short and long-term goals. This way you can check whether the development is going in the right direction. From the beginning, you should also define your values, which influence your daily decisions.

8. The law of pain

Fear is what keeps most people from taking action. This is natural, but such thinking limits our potential and interferes with proper risk identification. In order to grow, you have to get out of your comfort zone – without pain, there is no growth. We are not, of course, talking about inflicting physical pain on ourselves. Rather, we are saying that every failure and setback can be a stepping stone to success

9. The law of the ladder

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In personal development, you should focus not only on competence development, but also on character development. Strong, consistent character and integrity are the basic foundations of personal development. When you act, you simultaneously develop your character and become more resilient to outside influences

10. The law of the rubber band

Most people who have a settled life rarely step outside their comfort zone. This is a mistake, because growth always takes place outside of it. We must remember that growth requires sacrifices and breaking down our own barriers

11. The law of change

“In order to develop, you must give up something” – in this statement, John Maxwell conveys that in order to fully develop, you must give up some things in favor of others. This is nothing more than changing life’s priorities and understanding what we really want from life

12. The law of curiosity

The engine for personal development is curiosity, asking questions that broaden horizons, and hunger for knowledge. The search for new and better methods and ways of doing things always leads to the improvement of personality

13. The law of pattern

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“It is difficult to improve yourself when you have no one to follow. Self-learning is an extremely difficult art. Using the knowledge and experience of a mentor, stimulates and motivates the student to grow. Thanks to this, the student develops faster and reaches the desired goal. It is worth finding a person in your closest surroundings whom you could ask about the things that are difficult for you

14. The law of expansion

Through personal development a person becomes a better version of himself, improves his competence, but also becomes better morally. Development enhances self-discipline, productivity and helps to get rid of bad habits. Through successes achieved through development, our self-confidence is strengthened

15. The law of support

In personal development, a person focuses mainly on himself, but over time he discovers that joy and satisfaction also brings him help from other people, which only further motivates him to continue. This is a great example of a positive perpetual motion machine that is powered by mutual kindness

Have you heard of John C. Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Development before? Maxwell’s? If you have any experience with them, we’d love to read your stories in the comments

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