Quora – service for those curious about the world

Quora – service for those curious about the world
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The Internet is a great place to kill time by watching endless funny videos about dogs or cats. You can buy essentials here with one click, and even create your own blog or website. And if you’re looking for answers to questions, check out the popular site Quora!

What is Quora?

Looking for an answer to a question? Think about what you do then. Do you simply type a phrase into Google and hope there is a direct answer? Do you search social media to find a discussion on a particular topic? And when you finally find an answer, how do you know it’s real? If you’ve found yourself in this situation, take a look at the website Quora. It is very popular all over the world. See if you can find the answer to your question here!

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Quora is an interesting website which is partly a search engine and partly a social platform. Here you can answer questions in the fields you know about. The site was founded in 2009 by two former Facebook employees. It saw a huge surge in popularity when Vox’s Recode journalist Theodore Schleier described Quora as a more organized version of Yahoo Answers, a classier Reddit and a stubborn Wikipedia.

Can you treat Quora as a reliable source?

You can search for questions here to get answers to a topic of interest or provide answers to specific questions. Wondering if the information gleaned in this way is reliable? Fortunately, more and more industry experts are getting involved in answering questions.

How to use the service?

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Sign up for the service using Google, Facebook or email. Once you do, you will be presented with a screen asking you to choose 10 topics that interest you the most. Next, you’ll need to fill out a profile. This consists of several sections. You need to add a photo and credentials. Enter the industry or sector in which you have experience. In addition to this, state what position you are working in. For Quora developers, being a reliable source of information is extremely important. Therefore, fill in your profile to the best of your ability.

This information will be visible when someone views your profile. Below the profile is a section where you can add a short description about yourself.

On the right side of your profile, there are two additional sections. In one you should add information about your employment and education, and in the other you should add information about the topics you know about

Explore Quora!

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Even if you spend a lot of time elsewhere on Quora, take a look at your feed. It’s one of the best places to find questions on topics that interest you. At first, the channel will consist of only the topics you provided when you signed up. Over time, you can add more topics. All you have to do is type a topic in the search box at the top of the site at any time, select it to open the page and click “Watch”. Now relevant questions from that topic will be automatically added to your feed

Wondering how to cancel a topic? It’s very easy! Go to the topic page of the topic you are following. Now click the blue “Subscribe” button. It will then turn white, indicating that you are no longer following the page.

An engaged community

There is no shortage of topics on Quora. You can view questions and answers from selected topics and display them on your feed. The following topics are very popular

  • science,
  • math,
  • philosophy,
  • movies,
  • photography,
  • mobile applications,
  • culinary,
  • creative writing.

Most of the content on the site is really useful. Interestingly, the information comes from people all over the world. Some questions are about facts, some ask for expert opinions, and some are related to experiences. Users are willing to share their experiences, thoughts, secrets and insights. This allows you to see many things from a completely different perspective. There is also a system of votes for and against. The better your answer, the more positive votes you will get. So it is worth answering the question comprehensively.

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