Is it worth combining online and offline activities in advertising?

Is it worth combining online and offline activities in advertising?
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Strategies for advertising campaigns vary. Often the question also arises whether to choose to advertise the brand online or, however, in the real world. Or maybe combine these two spaces? We suggest why it is worth combining online and offline activities

Good advertising is the key to success when it comes to effective brand promotion. However, in the era of reigning social media we more and more often resign from advertising in the real world and move it only to the virtual one. But often the best solution is to combine online and offline activities into one strategy. We will tell you how to do it right and how to make sure that the planned campaign will bring benefits.

Advantages of synchronizing online and offline activities

The combination of activities carried out in the virtual space and those that we will undertake offline can bring many benefits. What are the specific ones? First of all, it allows you to reach a wider audience. Sometimes a brand’s target group is so unusual or diverse that choosing only one stream of communication may prove impossible. So if you decide on an advertising campaign online and offline, you will allow more customers to get acquainted with your brand’s offer. In addition, such integration of communication will ensure that your brand uses its full marketing potential, which will certainly have a positive impact on sales results and build a positive image. Support in the virtual part of the campaign will be provided by

Good advertising – what kind of advertising?

Let’s also consider what kind of advertising we can really call good. Nowadays it is certainly such an advertisement which uses many sources of communication and whose priority is the needs of the target group. This is why it is so important to coordinate your marketing efforts in the online and offline space. How can you do this? Combine traditional methods such as print advertising, television advertising, radio advertising, direct marketing, promotional events and ambient advertising such as advertising on buildings with SEO, internet marketing, social media activity and search engine branding activity. Of course, which specific methods work best is an individual matter for each brand and depends mostly on the target audience and brand identity

What should be kept in mind?

In order for actions on both fields to be effective, one should also remember about several important aspects. The most important one is consistency – an online advertising campaign and an offline one must work together, because otherwise the effect may be completely opposite to the one intended. When planning marketing activities, you must also remember that advertisements in the real world are already quite “tired”, so if you want to effectively attract the attention of the recipient, they must be intriguing and original. Opt for catchy slogans and unusual means, for example stickers scattered around the city. You can design them with the help of Remember also that such small elements very often stay in the subconsciousness of consumers, and additionally as much as 90% admit that they look for information about products and services of those brands on the Internet, with which they have already encountered in the offline space.

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