Integration as a way to mobilize employees

Integration as a way to mobilize employees
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A cohesive team is the key to a company’s success. So what can you do to achieve it? There are several proven methods and ideas that you can incorporate into your team building strategy that will bring many benefits to both your employees and your employer

Meeting after hours

Going out for a beer or lunch together after working hours is the simplest, yet extremely effective form of integration between employees. So arrange a joint outing to a restaurant and talk about lighter and more private matters. You will surely notice that such regular meetings will make you get to know each other better and you will start to perceive each other as good friends, and not just as someone who sits at the desk next to you. This will make your work more effective – especially if you work together on group projects. Proper team management is all about getting to know your co-workers well and identifying their specific traits so that everyone is in the right place on the team. Another interesting solution will be joint sports activities, such as tennis, squash or even paintball. This will allow you to relieve stress accumulated after a day of work and clear your head, and competition in the spirit of fair play unifies the team. You can even organize a mini competition, which will maintain the spirit of struggle and healthy competition. The website will certainly help with the organization

Good atmosphere during the work

It is also worth paying attention to a good atmosphere during working hours, when employees are together in the office or the company’s headquarters. A good way to integrate in the workplace is, for example, to have morning coffee together or to have breakfast together, for which each employee could bring something. This will create a sense of community and make it possible to avoid conflicts in the workplace, which are known not to be good for the bottom line. Another symbolic way to create that all-important atmosphere in the work environment is, for example, to celebrate birthdays by singing “Happy Birthday” or even bringing a piece of cake or something sweet. Thanks to such small things, everyone in the company will feel important and appreciated, which will influence their willingness to work.

Integration trips

A brilliant way to integrate employees are also a few days trips, but their organization usually lies with the employer. Ensuring company integration – in any form – is obviously connected with certain costs. However, it is an extremely profitable investment – after all, employees who enjoy their work and each other’s company are the key element of the company’s capital. Such a few days integration trip will allow the employees to relax and rest from their duties and get to know each other better in more pleasant and favorable conditions. To make the trip even more valuable, it is worth considering additional attractions. A great idea are team games, which will teach employees to work together more effectively and will allow them to convey what attitudes and patterns of action are desired in the company. You can also go for a typical relaxation, for example on boats or motorboats, which the offer of will help with. You can also go hunting, but this will involve additional costs associated with the purchase or rental of equipment such as thermal and night vision sensors, or appropriate clothing. It is also a good solution to organize during the trip trainings developing soft skills, which are extremely important in building a strong team.

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