What about work-life balance? Training on balance

What about work-life balance? Training on balance
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Before you give up on your dream of work-life balance, consider why you should strive for it. Do you want to work efficiently? Do you dream of finding more time for hobbies? Wondering how to find more time for family and friends? The “Work-Life Balance – How to maintain work-life balance” training comes with help.

Why sign up for a balance training?

Are you looking for ways to effectively manage yourself in the professional and personal sphere? Want to set realistic goals and understand your needs? Then sign up for this training. It will be held in stationary form (in Łódź) or online. It lasts 12 hours and costs 1300 PLN. The price already includes training materials and catering (in the case of classes held at home).

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The two-day workshop also covers such topics as: circle of influence, setting boundaries, harmonious project management, proactive attitude, interrelations between project areas, ways to build and maintain motivation. The following techniques will be used during the training: working in pairs and groups, educational videos, role plays and questionnaires for individual work. In addition, the program includes group discussions, case studies, video recording and professional analysis.

Dates of upcoming trainings:
15.07.2021 / Łódź | KM Studio – or online17.
08.2021 / Łódź | KM Studio – or online14

09.2021 / Łódź

| KM Studio – or online

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