Techniques of taming stress. Training in 2 cities!

Techniques of taming stress. Training in 2 cities!
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Comprehensive training on stress and how to reduce it, scheduled for early 2022! Two intensive days with a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Trainings on stress taming techniques will be held on: 17 February in Wrocław and 19 May in Gdańsk. The two-day meetings aim at identifying risks resulting from chronic stress, learning how to cope with work difficulties and stress.

Two-day practical training

Each training will last 2 days. In addition to a large dose of theoretical knowledge about stress and effective methods of reducing it, participants will be offered practical activities. Trainings will take place in small groups of 12 people. An additional advantage will be the presence of a physiotherapist, who during exercises, stretching and learning the basics of massage will correct mistakes and answer questions on an ongoing basis.

The training is dedicated to anyone who wants to learn effective methods of dealing with stress. In particular, however, is addressed to people who deal with employee health in companies and issues related to professional burnout. The course will provide an opportunity to gain knowledge and tools to help counteract these phenomena.

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