How to advertise a business without large format advertising?

How to advertise a business without large format advertising?
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Large format advertising no longer works as reliably as it did a dozen or so years ago – because of the huge number of billboards in cities, it has simply become too familiar. So find out how you can effectively advertise your business without using large format advertising.

Billboards are certainly something that first comes to mind when we think of advertising. However, while they are so common, they are not as beneficial as they were a few or even a dozen years ago. So learn about more effective, and slightly more interesting ways to advertise your business. 

Ambient advertising – an innovative approach to marketing and advertising

If you want an unconventional way to advertise your business, you can bet on ambient marketing. What exactly are these ambient actions? It is nothing more than non-standard and often one-off marketing activities that have a high potential for interaction with the audience. Ambient advertising is also about unconventional media – ambient marketing loves places like bus shelters or elements of interior design.

So if you want to advertise your company in this way, a good idea would be for example light installations, posters with engaging and intriguing slogans or graphics, or stickers for cars. Poznań is a place where you can surely realize any of your ideas. Remember, however, that ambient advertising is fresh and surprising, and above all, it is outside the mainstream – such an approach to advertising your business can often prove to be the key to success.

Act online – how to advertise your business using SEO

Currently a large part of marketing activities has moved to virtual reality. So it is worth it to start seriously acting “on line” in order to effectively advertise your company. SEO, i.e. positioning in search engines, may be helpful here. What exactly does this process consist in? It is primarily saturation of the content published on the website with keywords, optimization of HTML code, correct indexing of mobile first, as well as linking both internal and external. Activities based on SEO are particularly beneficial for companies that want to advertise locally. 

Google Ads – is it worth to invest?

When it comes to online business, it is worth considering Google Ads in addition to SEO optimization and organic traffic. This is the fastest way to promote your business online, which will allow your website to appear at the top of Google search engine. You can say that it is an alternative to SEO, although it is much better to approach it as an interesting addition to SEO. It is worth remembering, however, that Google campaigns cost from a dozen or so cents to even several hundred PLN per click.

Local actions

In the case of small companies, especially those providing services, it is worth focusing on local activities – after all, the residents of your area are in this case your target group. So you can use the potential of the local press, which despite appearances is very resilient and opinion-forming, especially in small towns. Publish your ad in a local newspaper or on a local news portal.

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