Motivation in production work

Motivation in production work
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The situation on the labor market has been particularly dynamic in recent years. Just a year ago, at the height of the pandemic, there was a belief that the so-called “employee market” was over. However, today we look at the situation of employers and employees differently. Salaries have risen, companies are again outdoing each other in the benefits they offer, and candidates can choose from many offers. And how does this trend affect the production environment? Let’s check it out using the example of Bridgestone, one of the biggest players in the Polish manufacturing industry.

Realization of the goal as an additional motivator

Every production worker has a real impact on the material that comes out of the factory. Regardless of the industry, the manufactured material or the specific position, each member of the crew decides, even indirectly, about the quality of the manufactured goods. It is the production workers who know best the final product that is offered by the manufacturer. Their work, even that repetitive and seemingly predictable, affects the value of the product. For example, each Bridgestone tire passes through a number of control points, many pairs of eyes and hands. There is an efficient organisation, where everyone has strictly defined tasks, in order to produce flawless, model car tyres. For working to standards, a production worker can expect a discretionary bonus. An attendance bonus is also counted

An employment contract and a permanent attractive salary are the company standard. In addition, a committed and conscientious employee can count on promotion to a higher position, such as team leader. It is in production departments that the organizational structure of positions is the most multi-level. Bridgestone Stargard offers training, development and competence improvement opportunities. It willingly supports its employees in gaining knowledge and new skills. Undoubtedly, clearly defined objectives have an impact on motivation and willingness to work. Everyone wants to feel needed and be aware that their work is important and appreciated

Accompanying benefits, or a benefits package for all employees

Health and safety are important to everyone. Bridgestone employees can benefit from private medical care and group life insurance. It is also important to ensure peace and comfort in retirement, so the company’s benefits also include the Employee Retirement Plan, which is an additional source of income after the end of professional activity

Those looking for a job in Stargard do not have to come only from this city. Bridgestone also offers a transport allowance, i.e. a subsidy for commuting to work, depending on the distance from home to the company’s headquarters. Employees also appreciate the possibility to purchase tires on very preferential conditions or use telecommunication services in promotional packages. It can be said that such an employer has in mind not only the professional aspect, but also the private welfare of employees, their development and fitness. Working in production is undoubtedly a demanding and hard job, but it gives a lot of satisfaction, and the main motivation to take it does not have to be only an attractive salary.

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