Advantages of large format advertising

Advantages of large format advertising
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Today’s advertising campaign possibilities are almost endless – basically, you’re only limited by your creativity and ingenuity. Online posts, posters, spots and… large format advertising. The latter is extremely popular. So find out all its advantages and why you should invest in it

Large-format outdoor advertising is a very common advertising medium, which can be seen both on crowded streets of big cities and in smaller towns. So find out what are the biggest advantages of such advertising and why it is a good investment.

Good visibility, the biggest advantage of large format advertising

Large format advertising is undoubtedly very visible. In the end, it is almost impossible not to notice it and pass by indifferently, which is certainly a huge advantage of this solution. In addition, advertising in the form of a billboard placed by a busy road is visible even from a very long distance, so the group of recipients who see the ad or signboard also becomes extremely large

It is also worth remembering that large format advertising is usually an investment for a long time. This means that it becomes part of the landscape to some extent. So, it can be said that the residents of a particular area see it often enough that it will become fixed in their memory. This will greatly increase awareness of your brand, which will translate into subconscious consumer decisions by the recipients of the ad.

Where to place large format advertising, so that it fulfills its function?

It is worth remembering that large format advertising such as billboard will fulfill its function and reach a large number of recipients and potential consumers only if it is placed wisely. Even the best designed advertisement will not bring good results if it is placed in an inconvenient place. So where is it worth placing such a large-format outdoor advertisement?

The most standard and also one of the most beneficial solutions will be busy places in the city center. However, do a thorough research of the area and check whether there are no billboards with similar themes in the place of your choice and whether your advertisement will not get “lost” in the clutter of other information.

Costs of large format advertising

Without a doubt, a big advantage of large format outdoor advertising are also the costs, which are relatively low compared to a TV spot or even an influencer campaign. It is therefore an extremely cost-effective option, because in comparison to the effects it gives and the audience it reaches, it does not generate huge costs. How much does such advertising cost exactly? According to current standard market rates, the approximate monthly cost of billboard is in the range of 800 to 1200 PLN, or about 40 PLN per day. This rate includes renting a billboard, printing a poster and pasting the billboard.

What should be a good large format advertisement?

It is also worth remembering that large format advertising will fulfil its function well provided that it is well thought out and properly designed. Even the best medium will not help if the design is not engaging, trite and interesting. So what is worth remembering when deciding on large format advertising? Try to make sure that the graphics on the ad are aesthetically pleasing, and the content of the ad is intriguing and engaging to the audience and potential consumers of your product or service

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