How to start the day right?

How to start the day right?
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Many times we hear “you got up on the left foot today”. Are there ways to start the day right and get through it?

First of all – morning stretching

A few exercises after getting out of bed have a positive effect on circulation, as well as improving mood. Stretching involves stretching and breathing exercises, often accompanied by relaxing music. Exercises are performed in several series, after appropriate stretching. Specialists call stretching a lazy form of fitness, but if it is performed carefully, it affects the well-being.

Second – hydration

Bet on a glass of water or your favorite freshly squeezed juice in the morning. A glass of water with lemon stimulates digestion and accelerates the cleansing of the body, and freshly squeezed juices from citrus fruits get you back on your feet quickly because they have a large dose of vitamin C, which strengthens immunity and is a powerful antioxidant.

Third – breakfast

Most importantly, don’t leave home without breakfast. Opt for your favourite breakfast set – a light fruit salad, oatmeal with coconut or a ham sandwich. The morning meal provides a reserve of energy and strengthens immunity

Fourth – good thoughts

Positive thinking also affects the whole day. How to do it? Simply stand in front of the mirror, smile at yourself and say out loud “this is going to be a good day”. This kind of thinking can really make a difference in having a good day. And did you know that laughing makes us oxygenate and gets our blood circulating faster?

The ways to have a perfect morning are many. Everyone has their own golden remedies that make the day better. Do you? What’s your recipe?

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