Get your desk in order once and for all!

Get your desk in order once and for all!
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A beautiful and clean desk is often only an ideal from photos. Admittedly, things always look better on social media, but a tidy desk can be yours if you just take care of it properly. Just follow a few simple tricks to make sure your desk doesn’t look like a tornado after working all night. What tricks will help?

Clutter on the desk distracts you at work

Many people are familiar with an oft-repeated quote attributed to Albert Einstein.

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, a sign of what is an empty desk?

Of course, some people may pride themselves on being able to find their way through their chaos. However, this can often be a mere excuse, and for most of us, clutter not only gets in the way of work, but can also distract us. That’s why a properly organized desk is so important, and gadgets that promote organization and keep your workspace tidy can help you achieve this goal.

Organizing your desk space

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Office add-ons and accessories help keep your desk neat and tidy. This way, every item has “its place” where it should be put away after work

Accessories for easy filing of documents

At work, you often need quite a large number of different documents, then you will need accessories that make it easier to file them. Ideally suited for this purpose are:

  • desk drawers, which are plastic containers that can hold at least A4 size documents,
  • file folders and binders, which require more space than plastic drawers, but can also hold many more documents.

Accessories for writing instruments

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Office work also requires writing utensils, which – depending on your preferences – can be stored in:

  • metal baskets in a basic version (one or two baskets connected by a metal stand) or an expanded version. Then, apart from baskets for writing instruments, there are also separate containers for smaller accessories (e.g. notes or paper clips).
  • drawer organizer– a container, which can be easily inserted into and removed from a drawer. It is a great alternative for people who prefer to have an “empty desk” or have too little space for metal baskets.

Other essential accessories

Organizing your desk space isn’t just about keeping pens and documents organized. Often, organizing your work requires other items as well

  • bulletin board – a large desk notebook on which you can quickly jot down necessary information,
  • pele-mele – a cork board to hang above your desk, on which you can write down important information or, for example, urgent tasks
  • transparent pad – protects your desk and you can also place reminder notes or notes underneath.

8 tricks for keeping your desk tidy

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1. Buy a nice desk

Just like that! Most people are more careful about getting new and nice items

2. Put your stuff in order

It’s a good idea to take all the items off your desk and think about whether you really need them all. You’ll be surprised how many of them you can throw away or pass on to someone else

3. Clean up as soon as you finish work

Clean up your desk immediately after finishing work. That way you’ll sit down to a clean, uncluttered desk the next day. Nothing is more discouraging than having to clean up first

4. Don’t print if you don’t have to

It’s a good idea to reduce the amount of “junk” you produce, so always consider whether you should definitely print something. It’s a good idea to use electronic software to store documents and keep physical papers to a minimum. The trees will thank you.

5. Keep items where they belong

Plan out a space for each item, such as where contracts should go, where books should go, and where pens should go. Then, consistency is the only thing that will help you: keep all items in the right place and it will be trivial to keep things in order

6. Have a basket next to your desk

To avoid making a mess on your desk, you should throw away all unnecessary things right away. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a basket next to the desk. The one in the kitchen isn’t hundreds of light miles away either, but it’s so hard to go to it sometimes…

7. Don’t clutter up your desk with stationery

Don’t clutter up your desk with excess stationery. Instead make sure you have 2-3 decent pens. Also, check which of your accessories are still in working order – you may be surprised to find that out of 20 pens only 4 will still be in working order

8. Reminders instead of objects

Many people tend to leave medications, documents, or other items on their desk so they don’t forget about them. Instead of cluttering up your desk space, use a reminder on your phone. Not only will this save your work space, but it also eliminates the risk of left-over items becoming so “tiresome” during the day that you forget about them anyway

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