10 reasons to start your own business

10 reasons to start your own business
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Why should you give up thinking about a warm job and choose the hardships of running your own business? Can the benefits of owning a business be expressed only through financial success? Here are 10 reasons why you should be a businessman.

Reason 1: Independence

Working as an employee may be quite secure and you know rather well what to expect from it, but it severely limits your independence. Most Polish entrepreneurs emphasize that it is in the possibility of being the boss for themselves that they saw the main incentive for starting a business. Business is an opportunity to create your professional history in a way that suits you, not your superiors.

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Reason 2: Determine the form and timing of your own work

Once again, it’s worth referring to full-time employment, which undoubtedly offers a greater sense of stability, but not everyone finds working Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to be the height of their dreams. Working from home, in a different city or even country can happen to a person who runs his own business. Additionally, he can work as much as he wants and sees fit. However, there is a pitfall in this: working on your own business will not necessarily work for people who cannot manage their time

Reason 3: Opportunity for high earnings

One of the key reasons that drive people to start a business. A raise in a salaried job is often a special and rare celebration, and it’s not necessarily high. An efficient, creative and well-connected entrepreneur theoretically has no limit to the earnings to be earned. In practice, it can be very difficult to get each subsequent contract and it is not at all immediately possible to earn a lot of money, but much depends on the entrepreneur’s ability to learn quickly. In addition, you can take advantage of allowances and choose among income tax payment options that a salaried person does not have

Reason 4: Establish a network of business contacts

Without them, getting into business is difficult. However, if you have them, new opportunities can quickly open up for you. In some industries, when you become an entrepreneur, you enter a very interesting, creative and motivating environment for development.

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Reason 5: Interesting work

Creativity and constantly new challenges instead of monotony. The opportunity to revise your purpose and take on new challenges. Working with interesting people who you can choose for yourself. This undoubtedly makes an entrepreneur not to be bored.

Reason 6: Profits proportional to own contribution

You get out what you put in – this is the principle that should guide the spirit of entrepreneurship. In practice, there are times here, too, when the result may not reflect the amount of work you put into trying to succeed, but it’s still easier than when you’re working as an employee.

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Reason 7: Time and opportunities to pursue your hobbies

Working Monday through Friday for 8 hours a day can be incredibly exhausting, but at the same time, it doesn’t always pay a lot of money and a fair equivalent for the time you put into it. Owning your own business often comes down to having to stay alert at all times, but it allows you to carve out moments to develop your hobby. Additionally, we are also in possession of an adequate supply of money to pursue ourselves

Reason 8: Facing a big challenge

Just running a business can prove to be a lifelong challenge full of hardships and dangers, but potentially with a happy outcome of cash injection and immense satisfaction.

Reason 9: Owning a business allows you to help

Owning a business allows you to help on a much larger scale. You have the means to do so, as well as the know-how and network of contacts. The help can be directed in the desired direction – whether it is fighting serious diseases, caring for the environment or simply reaching out to people who are just starting out in entrepreneurship

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Reason 10: You can be a role model for others

Stories of successful people, big and small entrepreneurs, are the content of books, interviews and are very popular on the Internet. Starting an adventure with your own business gives you hope to join the people whose business has succeeded and are admired for it.

Main article photo: Photo by Andrew Neel, source: unsplash.com

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