Developmental training at the turn of the year. It will be about emotions

Developmental training at the turn of the year. It will be about emotions
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If you’re one of those people who still wants to know more about both the world and yourself, take a look at our training offerings. There is one more December training and two proposals for January!

This time we have taken a look at what the Euphonia Institute for Personal Development is offering for you in the course “Trust yourself”. Most of the trainings take place in Warsaw and Wroclaw. What do we recommend?

  • How we are. Personality types

Training about personality types in terms of ego consciousness levels map, which will help us understand other points of view and open to diversity. The course is conducted by Jolanta Toporowicz, M.A., psychotherapist with 26 years of professional experience

Where? Wrocław, Norwida Street 22/4When

  • I trust myself: understanding, compassion, empathy. Experiencing different levels of consciousness

A proposal for those who want to take a journey into themselves. It is based not only on basic psychological knowledge, but above all on working with emotions. Classes are held in the form of lectures, exercises, lively discussions and personal work, which is a kind of training of new skills

Where? Warsaw, Just Jump Fitness – Mokotów

  • Types of relationships. Building and destroying relationships. Elements of systemic interdependence

The training will cover the topic of interpersonal relationships, which are an indispensable part of our everyday life – both in our personal and professional lives. The goal is to open participants to building constructive relationships in each of these areas

Where? Wrocław, Norwida St. 22/4When

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