A crossword puzzle with computer passwords

A crossword puzzle with computer passwords
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Solving crossword puzzles is not only a time killer, but also a way to keep your memory in good shape. Often we spend a lot of time on one missing word in the whole crossword puzzle. With help come special search engines, in which we can find the word e.g. by definition. How does it work? It is enough to enter the definition from the crossword in the “definition” field, and the system will provide the solution and suggest matching words.

Crossword words related to computer – case study

The crossword words we can meet in the crossword are various. Today we are going to look at computer theme in puzzles. You can find the word computer under such definitions as:

  • electronic digital machine;
  • a “thinking” device;
  • a laptop or netbook;
  • many connected to the Internet.

What definitions can you find in computer topics?

  • A device on which you process data – DISK
  • You write email on it – KEYBOARD;
  • The main component of a computer – PROCESSOR;
  • USB flash drive, PENDRIVE;
  • Use it to burn a disc – RECORDER;
  • It protects the computer – ANTIVIRUS;
  • A person with high computer skills – HAKER;
  • With its help you can log in – PASSWORD;
  • Otherwise a hyperlink – LINK;
  • Consists of bits – Byte;
  • Main memory of the computer – RAM
  • It is used to move the cursor on the screen – MOUSE;
  • More than a gigabyte – TERABAYT;
  • For example, Mozilla – VIEWER;
  • A key that separates words – SPACE;
  • Transfers text to paper – PRINTER;
  • Laptop computer – LAPTOP.

Crossword puzzles related to computers can be mentioned endlessly. However, the most important thing is the fun of solving the puzzle without “scientific help”. Nevertheless, do not be surprised, because in the crossword you can also meet a tricky slogan like “windows in Polish” and here it is unnecessary to think. The answer is simple, it is simply “windows” 🙂

source of the main photo: pixabay.com

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