The wind in our hair – what does passion give us in life?

The wind in our hair – what does passion give us in life?
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It is used to say that having a passion is “food for the soul”. Of course, for everyone the ideal hobby may be different. What all of our interests have in common, however, is that they are important to us and affect other areas of our lives. So it is worth considering what true passion actually gives us.

Satisfaction with life

Having a hobby often requires us to make sacrifices, but at the same time it gives us energy to overcome difficulties. It is our passions and interests that give us the so-called kick start. Studies show that people with great passion have more energy, are generally more satisfied with life and have a positive attitude to it.

Fighting the dullness of everyday life

It happens to us, especially in the gloomy autumn, that we do not have a special desire to go to zumba, a martial arts class or a gym. Outside the window it is grey, there are more and more duties, and we seem to have less desire. It is worth breaking through and getting motivated to leave home

We assure you that your day will immediately be better. A dance lesson, a workout or a walk will cause a surge of endorphins, thanks to which you will have more energy to continue working. Your days will no longer be monotonous, because you will be doing what gives you great pleasure

The feeling of freedom

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By pursuing your great passion, you feel free – you can express yourself and your emotions. There is no compulsion or rigor there. No one can force us to collect old coins or overcome our weakness and climb Mont Blanc. It is our own and conscious choice.

Continuous development

Our passions have a very big impact on our psyche. Thanks to it we develop and become better in a particular field. Thanks to this our self-confidence grows. Later on, we very often support others in developing their passions. And that is the point!

Increased self-confidence

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Increased self-confidence translates to other areas of our lives. We are smiling, friendly towards life and other people. If we are successful in a field that we are passionate about, we become positive and we act with redoubled strength, infecting everyone around with positive energy. Such people are always welcome in the company, because they inspire and motivate others

New valuable contacts

It is no coincidence that rallies of owners of old cars or meetings of breeders of ornamental birds are so popular. Doing what we like so much, we can also satisfy the need to create social relations with other people. We want to meet people similar to ourselves, share experiences with them, observe their solutions and share our own observations.

Escape from workaholism

Professional matters are of course extremely important, but the problem arises when they encroach on other areas of our lives. Passion can help us effectively separate our private and professional lives

Better productivity

For some people, passion is their mission in life. The lucky ones are able to combine it with a source of income or even make a full living from it. It stimulates them to keep going.

Napis „pasja doprowadziła nas tutaj”

Thanks to hobbies, we all have a better mood and concentration, which makes us more efficient and better able to perform our professional duties – even those that are not a passion

Boosting optimism

By doing what we love, we look to the future with more optimism. Any obstacles to further development seem easier to overcome when there are dreams of progression within our favourite activity. Whether it’s breaking our marathon record or buying a series of priceless stamps, it doesn’t matter. What matters is having a goal and doing a lot to achieve it.

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