Is your new job stressing you out? It could be your asset

Is your new job stressing you out? It could be your asset
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Although stress is the cause of many serious health problems, we could not live without it. Thanks to this reaction of the body to non-standard situations, our distant ancestors managed to survive in difficult conditions, and today not much has changed in this regard. According to psychology, stress has many positive aspects – it helps to adapt to changes, cope with difficulties and make the right decisions. These are some of the skills that will undoubtedly come in handy in a new job, but it’s up to you to know how to use it. So what good can stress give you?

Improves your ability to self-analyze

To reap the benefits of stress, it’s important to see it as a necessary part of your professional development. If you come to terms with it, your eyes will open to new possibilities and you will see what was previously unnoticeable to you. Stress always reveals our weaknesses or shows where we lack knowledge and experience. When we realize our shortcomings, we can work on them.

It makes you think creatively and work more efficiently

Unforeseen events are a source of stress. Although we would prefer everything to go according to a predetermined scenario, we can’t control everything and prepare for unexpected twists and turns. Stress keeps us in constant suspense, making us try to anticipate facts and prepare for different scenarios. It is not uncommon for this to involve a creative approach to solving problems, going beyond generally accepted standards and being less afraid of taking risks. Along with stress, the body also releases adrenaline – energy worth channelling into new ideas, hard work and high performance.

Helps to prioritize

When we are faced with a choice, our stress response tells us what to pay special attention to and what we can put off. It’s worth identifying the most important tasks and tackling them first. Once we deal with the sudden stressful situation and the biggest challenges, there comes relief and, most importantly, a feeling of deep satisfaction that everything worked out!

Opens up new opportunities

Stress usually means that you have to face some challenge, change direction, learn something, act differently, overcome the fear of failure and create new opportunities for yourself. Although problems cause stress, it is better to see them as an opportunity to prove yourself and self-improve. Remember – for those who seek opportunities, new paths open up.

Increases intelligence

Stress has been proven to improve cognitive function and some aspects of our thinking. The natural “fight or flight” response activates certain neurotransmitters that cause us to immediately focus on the urgent and most important tasks.

Under stress, not only do we become extremely attentive, but we also exhibit outstanding mental abilities. Our memory recreates details and events more quickly, which is very important in critical situations where efficient problem-solving skills are required.

It prompts effective strategies

When we are overwhelmed by doubts and worries, stress shows us the right way out of even the most confusing situations. Under its pressure, we are more resourceful and determined. However, to turn stress into an ally, you need to slow down a bit and get it under control. It will benefit you, but only in small doses. Realize its good points and face the stressful situation of your first steps in a new job.

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