How to encourage your child to read?

How to encourage your child to read?
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Your child doesn’t like reading and is much more interested in computer games or cartoons? This is natural. However, there are several proven ways to encourage your toddler to read.

Why don’t children like to read?

Reluctance to read may have many different reasons. Very often children are discouraged with this activity, if they are forced to do it by their parents or if there was no habit of common reading at home, and the child faces a challenge, which is to read the school book

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Sometimes the problem may also be that the items in the library at home are not in line with the child’s current interests. Sometimes we can also deal with a situation when a toddler does not want to read books because of undiagnosed vision problems.

Why should I read with my child?

What are the benefits of reading books to your child?

  • It is an excellent way to build bonds. By reading to your child every day, you can effectively meet a key developmental need. A close bond with parents is an extremely valuable foundation for a lifetime
  • Reading stimulates and develops children’s imagination. Thanks to it, a toddler can move into an imaginary world, creating all kinds of images in his head. In this way, he also stimulates his memory.
  • Reading together contributes to the development of communication and language skills. Every parent should realize that the more books they read to their child, the more words they will learn. This will translate into developing conversational skills, expressing oneself in a visual and logical manner, and facilitate later public speaking.
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However, these are not all the advantages of reading with a child. It also prepares and motivates for independent reading, improves concentration, and facilitates the learning process. Besides, books teach to distinguish between good and evil and develop sense of humor. They are also a great alternative to time spent in front of a computer or TV screen.

Proven ways to encourage your child to read

How to effectively encourage your child to read? There are several proven ways.

  • The ritual of reading together should be introduced as early as possible. At the beginning, 20 minutes of reading will be enough. With time, it can be gradually extended, depending on the level of interest and involvement of the child. On one day, the toddler can read together with his mom, on another – with his dad. Older siblings can also participate in shared reading.
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  • In order to make sure that a given book will interest a toddler, it is worth involving him in choosing books, which you will be reading together in the nearest future. It will also be a good idea to visit a library together and show your child how this place works.
  • In order to involve the child in the world presented in the book, it is advisable to get involved in reading – impersonate the characters, imitate the sounds they make and modulate your voice in different ways. The child will certainly appreciate the effort and involvement of the parent.

How do you encourage your kids to read? Do you have your own book rituals?

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