SEO website optimization

SEO website optimization
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On the topic of SEO as one of the most popular marketing activities in the modern world driven by online sales, we talked to webmasters from Las Vegas SEO services. What does SEO consist of? In theory it is not complicated, as it consists in increasing the visibility of a website in a search engine after an Internet user types in a key phrase, and there are even hundreds of stages. The problem of fledgling businesses is that their website is not visible in the key phrases, making the conversion on their sites extremely low, this is where a vicious cycle is created. Since we are not there, then there is also no traffic, if there is no traffic, then further there is also no us. This is where conversion rate optimization services come to the rescue, but first an audit is required. 

Among them we will also find UX and UI, or User Experience and User Interface. These two actions can have a decisive influence on positioning, and we can find them in the offer of Las Vegas SEO services.

What is positioning?

SEO WordPress and websites based on other ready-made engines usually boil down to the same thing – improving website position in Google search engine, which in our country is still by far the most popular one. This process involves meeting all the guidelines of Google’s algorithm, which constantly calculates the position of our site in relation to others. 

SEO WordPress is a veritable market dominator, eagerly chosen by SEOs, a simple and accessible engine, with a huge range of possibilities. It will probably be one of the possible solutions if you require conversion rate optimization services when working with an agency. 

Fresh pages with no history usually land at the very end of SERP (Search Engine Results Page), while well positioned pages reach some of the first positions. They are worth finding.

UX and UI – you should know these abbreviations

SEO WordPress is a multi-step process. At the beginning, an SEO audit should be conducted so that SEO specialists and developers can know the scope of further work and plan a specific strategy. In the next stages, you should take care to meet all the guidelines of Google’s algorithm, which takes into account various attributes and parameters when calculating the position of a selected website.

These actions can be divided into on-site activities, which should be carried out on the selected website, and off-site activities, which include primarily building the largest possible base of links placed on external domains. Among on-site activities we can distinguish between UI and UX.

UX, User Experience, is the user’s experience resulting from the contact with the chosen website. It is worth taking care to make them as good as possible. As a rule, it means adjusting its appearance, navigation and security to the requirements of a particular group of recipients. It is also necessary to have easy access to the most frequently opened subpages, e.g. FAQ or delivery in case of online stores, as well as large and clear information on such topics as delivery status or payment methods.

UI, or rather User Interface, is an issue concerning only the visual part of a given website, which has a great influence on SEO effectiveness. It consists in adjusting the appearance of the website to the expectations of a particular target group, which are very different from each other. Although it seems minor UX and UI are extremely important when it comes to conversion rate optimization services for a site. For example, internet users looking for the portfolio of the best lawyer in town will stay longer on a site that gives the impression of luxury, aesthetic and elegance, while computer gamers will appreciate a site with vibrant colors and dynamic, interactive elements. Most of the solutions described are offered by Las Vegas SEO services, a proven and trustworthy team that will not only improve the technical condition of your site, but also advise you in case of improving the visual aspects. Give yourself a chance to succeed and take care of your SEO today! 

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  • Harper Evans 22.07.2022

    There are many strategies that affect the success of SEO. UI and UX are one of them. Until recently, I wouldn’t even know how to develop these abbreviations. I found out about them accidentally when I was looking for ways to effective SEO. Now I know that these techniques can greatly improve SEO ranking. Therefore, I recommend everyone to include them in the marketing plan.