How to talk to a newly met person? Find something you have in common!

How to talk to a newly met person? Find something you have in common!
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Although it is said that silence is gold and speech is silver, there is no denying that there are situations when we feel embarrassed by prolonged silence. This is most often the case when getting to know people. We suggest how to talk to newly met people.

In our daily and professional lives, we often meet people we would like to make a good impression on or with whom we would like to start building a deeper relationship. Talking to someone who was a stranger to us a while ago can be challenging. How do we find common themes and interest the interlocutor?

The art of conversation

For some people, the very thought of chatting with a stranger makes them feel weak. We fear embarrassment or how we will come off in the eyes of others. And the good news is that the art of conversation can be learned.

First of all, build your confidence and self-esteem. That way you won’t be afraid to speak up in a new group. Share your opinions and insights, don’t give up on controversial topics. Listen carefully, be sincere and open, beware of an exalted tone. Be interested in your interlocutor and his experiences, ask him questions, but avoid those that are too personal. While doing so, try to avoid expressions that may offend someone.

Also pay attention to your posture – maintain eye contact, don’t cross your arms and legs, don’t keep your hands in your pockets. If you show your interlocutor respect, you will also receive it in return. A slight smile (appropriate to the topic of conversation, of course!) won’t hurt either.

What to talk about with new acquaintances? Suggestions for topics

If we do not know someone, it may be difficult to find a common topic of conversation. When we have just met someone, we need to be much more delicate and careful than with family or long-time acquaintances. Fortunately, there are universal conversation topics that will save us when meeting new people. We present our list of suggestions.

Current situation in the neighborhood/weather

The most universal topics for conversation may also seem like the most trite ones, but a few (even obvious) sentences about the weather or the situation accompanying you (a traffic jam in the city, a renovation or a cultural event you are attending) will help break the first ice.


Another popular topic, but one with great potential. Each of us likes to spend our time in a certain way. Some love to read books and watch old movies, others can’t imagine a day without music or sports – all activities that give us pleasure will help arouse the curiosity of a new acquaintance. Or maybe you or your interlocutor have some original, surprising interests? This is a great excuse for a long conversation.

Graduated schools and universities, occupation held

We can ask newly met people what kind of studies they have completed or what profession they have. In this way we will show interest in our interlocutors. Let’s also share our own educational and professional experiences. Discussing such topics will quickly show you whether you have something in common.


Most people enjoy exploring new places. Travel is a fairly safe topic. You can not only talk about the cities you visited, but also ask your interlocutor about his travel goals and dreams.

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