Emotional disorders of young people. A course for youth workers

Emotional disorders of young people. A course for youth workers
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Despite the growing awareness of the prevention of mental problems, part of the society still tends to underestimate them. This attitude is even stronger when it comes to children and adolescents. After all, what problems can the carefree youngsters have? It turns out that quite a lot.

The pandemic period has not made things any easier either. Isolation from peers, confinement to homes, a new form of education – these are just some of the problems that young people had to face. The changes were sudden and required a very rapid adjustment, which for many proved to be a source of stress, anxiety and emotional strain

Practical workshops

The Uniqskills educational platform has added a course to its offer, aimed primarily at psychologists, therapists, and other people who work with young people on a daily basis

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“Emotional disorders of children and adolescents. How to work with anxiety, stress and difficult emotions of a child and adolescent?” is a workshop available online. After paying a one-time fee of 60 zł, students gain access to all materials for 270 days

What will be discussed?

The workshop will focus on four main areas:

  • how to recognize that a child is struggling with a crisis and excessive stress?
  • how to diagnose problems of young people?
  • what influences the mental condition of young people?
  • what therapeutic methods and techniques should be used?

The course is conducted by Karolina Maniewska. In addition to speeches by experts-practitioners, those willing to participate will also gain access to one hour of training material in video form. More details can be found on the Uniqskills website

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